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5 free home security tips

Home security is an essential item for everyone, we all want to be safe and sound within our humble abode undisturbed by the cruel forces of the outside world. There are many steps you can take to increase your security, things you can do every day to reduce the chance of a thief or vandal making your home their target. I have included the top 5 free steps you can take to minimize outside disturbances.

1. Curb cleanliness

You first want to start by making sure that your curb appearance is clean and fresh. A fresh cut yard and well maintained garden and bushes let people know that you’re at home and frequent your property keeping it tidy. Your presence is the biggest deterrent.

Well-kept shrubbery doesn’t only let intruders know that you frequent the premises, but also limits the places a potential thief or vandal can hide. Keep bushes cut to a height below the window seals and ensure that trees branches are cut high.

Also, make sure that you empty your mailbox often and don’t leave newspapers or newsletters around the property. You may be home, but when you leave items like this lying around, it looks like you’re not or shows that you don’t frequent the property very often.

2. Lighting

Have lights in all entrances and throughout the property. If your home is well lit, you will have much less likely chances of sneaky predators snooping about your yard or home. The last thing and intruder wants, is to be seen.

Motion sensors are a great addition to this area, they catch people by surprise when they aren’t expecting them, and they help you when you are coming home late from work. Lights that shine on your property and house will significantly reduce the places an intruder can hide. Timed lights can also greatly help with to deter people. Do keep in mind that if you only use your timed lights when you go out of town, someone who has been keeping an eye on your property will know this. However, use this method all the time and it will be much harder to tell that this is not a normal thing for your household.

3. Reinforcing

Use the locks that you have. Lock the doors, windows, and all openings when you leave the house, go to sleep, or do yard work. Be sure not to leave keys under mats by doors or anywhere next to your lock. Burglars know this is a common practice and will find it.

Remove and secure items around the yard that may be used to help someone break in. Secure ladders, garden tools, and be sure to lock and yard sheds or barns that may have valuables or other tools that can be used to gain access to your home.

4. Form habits

One of the easiest things you can do to protect your house it to form habits that will reduce your vulnerability. Don’t post names on your mailbox, under the stick figure family on your car, or on the answering machine. This will lessen the information someone can retrieve when observing your home. If you are a female living at home by yourself, you can have a male friend or relative do the message for your answering machine.

Always check who is at the door before opening it, use windows, peep holes, or your security system to see who is awaiting to enter your home. Do not let strangers into your home, you can make a call for them or bring supplies to them outside. This could be an attempt to view your home.

Hide expensive toys or equipment from view of any windows or glass doors. Take photos of your valuables and security mark them with a security mark or house number so as to more easily identify your belongings if they are stolen.

5. Use outside sources

Befriend your neighbors and ask them to watch for anything odd around your house or the neighborhood. Be sure you utilize your neighborhood watch to deter suspects prowling about. The more people you know in the area, the more people that are willing to let you know when something is going on either in the neighborhood or around your house.

Use these simple and free techniques to increase security around your home, for free! If you are willing to help with others, most likely they will help you if something is happening in or around your home. Setting these good habits are the easiest thing you can do to increase your security.

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