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Brush grubber clump puller review

This week we tested out the Brush Grubber BG-19 Clump Puller using our 2011 GMC Sierra 2500HD. The chain we used came alone but was used in conjunction with the Grubber Tugger Chain and was overall pretty easy to use yielding subpar results on the brush we attempted to pull. I believe that this product would work well on different brush. We will show you how this product worked for us. We work to bring you tutorials, project plans, and project costs “giving you the tools to do it yourself”.

Product Links: Brush Grubber Clump Grubber- Brush Grubber, Grubber Tugger Chain-

Cameras we use: Nikon D3300- Samsung NX3000- GoPro- Forestfish video sunglasses- Yi Dash Cam-

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