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Children’s wooden rocking motorcycle project

Designed and created by Chris Siler, DIY with Chris

Difficulty- Medium Time- Approximately one week

Parts- See list at end Tools- See list at end


Before you get started, gather all pieces of your template and lay them on your wood as close together as possible while allowing for blade space between cuts. Trace or place your templates on the wood.

The start:

After drafting your design, begin by cutting out each of the pieces you have placed or drawn on your wood by using a jigsaw. Drill holes for dowels using templates. Sand each piece of trim to match size and edge when applied to the frame. Place dowels in holes and attach to frame. Sand protruding corners and edges for child safety. Ensure each piece fits appropriately and adjust at this time. After fitment, router each exterior edge making them rounded to provide realistic detail and child safety.

Tire assembly:

The rear tire consists of two cut outs which need to be glued to the outline. Drill holes for dowels and assemble rear tire assembly. Sand the fender and tire to match each of the three layers.

The front tire consists of three cut outs which need to be glued together and sanded to match. Round corners for both the front and rear tires for child safety and realistic value.


Paint the base and trim pieces at this time. Anodized Bronze is used for base in order to provide a dark outline while maintaining contrast for black trim pieces. Draw outlines and use paint brushes or use a template to apply designs in paint.


Once fitment has been completed and paint is dry, apply wood glue to end of dowels and fit them in each trim piece of the left side. Apply wood glue to trim pieces in which dowels were attached. Slide dowels through the designated wholes on frame until trim is resting securely against frame. Apply wood glue to right side trim piece and move into place on frame ensuring that the dowel lines up the with pilot hole. Use clamps to secure pieces in place until glue dries.


Use a template to cut your rockers. If you do not have a template, use a long piece of wood butted snug against a sheet of oak to help measure and mark your rockers (See video here). Measure the halfway mark on your oak sheet and the middle of your long piece of wood. Line up the marks and screw the long piece in place. Place a screw or nail in the opposite end of the wood with the head sticking up slightly above the surface. Hook the end of the measuring tape on the protruding head of the nail or screw. Extend the measuring tape until you reach the edge of your oak sheet where your rocker will end. Use a pencil and rotate your measuring tape along the wood until you have traced your rocker.

Use a jigsaw to cut each rocker out. Cut two center braces at 18 ½” long to secure rockers together. Cut five, 20” braces which will support the motorcycle and children’s feet. Start assembly of rocker by drilling holes through rockers and into ends of pine wood in order to prevent cracking or splitting of wood. Set wood screws in pilot holes. Aline pine braces on the flat surface of rockers making sure that they are spaced far enough apart to sit directly under each wheel of the motorcycle. Set pine boards in place under motorcycle in desired location to support children’s feet. Mark edges of each piece of wood and drill holes for screws in each piece. Set screws in place.

Finishing touches:

Sand each piece of wood to desired smoothness with 220 grit sandpaper. This will allow for paint to remain intact while smoothing wood particles. Apply stain to rockers and let dry. Apply finish to motorcycle and rocker base to prevent splintering and protect wood from rotting over time.

Overall this was a fairly easy project that I enjoyed very much. The time totaled about 2 weeks. This was after having to make multiple trips to buy additional supplies and having a short schedule due to work. Each of the links will lead to the product I used to make the motorcycle so you can see the tool and get pricing on the same. I also have reviews for many of these items that can be found on the reviews page. I hope you found this article useful and that it may have given you ideas for your own. Please let me know if you would like additional information. Check back often for updated information and articles. You can also subscribe! Thank you for your time!


1 sheet 97”x 48”x 1” premium MDF board for base and trim (1)

1 sheet ¾”x 48”x 96” oak wood for rockers (1)

1” x 3” x 4’ premium pine (4)

1 ¼” x 4’ Dowel (1)

1/8” x 1’½”dowels

Anodized Bronze spray paint

Trim paint

2” wood screws





Wood glue

Jigsaw Review

Sander Review

Miter saw Review

Drill Review




Router with table

We work to bring you tutorials, project plans, and project costs “giving you the tools to do it yourself”. As always, I hope that our videos and articles can help you finish your DIY project. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us here! Have a great DIY day!

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