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How to assemble, start, and use a 301CC Tazz chipper shredder

Difficulty- Easy Time- 15-30 minutes

Parts- See list at end Tools- See list at end


Before you get started, you will want an open wrench set for assembly, some help (this weighs 131 lbs), and a good place to assemble. Once you want to use this impressive machine, you will need to place it on a level piece of ground. Check in your manual to determine what services are needed before each use to make sure that your machine lasts as long as possible and so that you don’t void the warranty.


Assembly is overall easy to do. All you need to do is tighten some nuts and bend some cotter pins. Getting the engine out of the box was probably the most difficult part of assembly as there are no handles yet. This would be easiest done with some help.

The first part you install is the kickstand which is easy if you place the engine on the ground in the same orientation in which it came out of the box. The kickstand is installed with four 5/8″ nuts with bolts. Next you will install the wheels which are slid onto the axle then secured with a washer and cotter pin. The quality of the wheels seems to be good. They are hard plastic wheels with moderate tread on hard plastic wheels. They seem to hold up just fine when rolling up and down stairs as well as over rough terrain. Due to the size of the wheels, it is slightly more difficult to navigate rough terrain but not excessively hard.

Next you will install the branch chute, capable of fitting 3″ branches. The chute is slid over three bolts that are fixed to the chipper base, you need only install the nuts. One of these three locking nuts is more difficult to get to due to the angle and would be easiest installed with a 1/2″ open wrench.

The next part you must install is the hopper guard and the hopper. The hopper is large and durable and made to fit yard debris. The instructions advise not to place any branches larger than 1/2″ thick or over 18″ long with risk of damaged hammers and knives. The hopper is installed to the machine using eight separate 3/8″ nuts with bolts. Due to the shape of the hopper, you will not be able to access the nuts with a ratchet. You will want to have an open end wrench for this step as well.

The instructions then call for you to install the hopper guard followed by the handle. I found this to be highly annoying due to restricted access to bolts if installed in this order. I advise you to install the handle followed by the hopper guard.

The last thing to be installed is the mulch bag bar and bag. This doesn’t have to be installed in order to use (we have not used the bag attachment yet). This machine is supposed to reduce wood by a 20:1 ratio. The chips that it produces are very small. Some smaller twigs have made it through the machine without being chipped or shredded at all.

My review:

I was extremely impressed with Tazz for including engine oil and safety goggles inside the product box. This was so nice not having to go to the store before I could run the engine! Overall each piece seems to be made of good quality and durable products.

I highly recommend ear protection as this machine is loud and becomes uncomfortable as a short time and especially once you start feeding large and harder pieces.

The exfiltrate port did get clogged during the first use after about an hour but that did not happen again upon further use.


Tazz 301cc Chipper Shredder


Open wrench set (3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″)

Cameras we use:

Canon Powershot G7X Mark ii

DJI Mavic Air Nikon D3300 GoPro Forestfish video sunglasses

As always, I hope that our videos and articles can help you finish your DIY project. Subscribe to your YouTube channel and follow us here! Have a great DIY day!

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