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How to setup and install Blink XT security cameras

Difficulty- Easy – Moderate Time- 10-45 minutes

Parts- See list at end Tools- See list at end


Before you get started, identify where you want to put your cameras and the base unit. You need to be aware that the cameras need a reliable and constant connection to both the base station network as well as your WiFi in order to work as desired. This means that you will probably want to pick a location towards the center of your desired camera locations to plug in your base station.


The box includes:

The number of cameras you purchased

A sleeve for each camera which contains the mounting unit and two AA lithium batteries (supposed to last 2 years)

A base unit with charging cable and plug



You will first need to install the Blink Home Monitor app on your phone. Follow the prompts to setup your account. Plug in your base station and follow the prompts on the app to set up your security system. You will need to provide the serial number first, so have that available. The app will first establish a connection with your base unit.

After the base unit has been joined to your WiFi network, you can install the cameras. Take the back case of the camera off by pressing downward of the gray button on the back of the camera and simultaneously lifting upward and outward on the bottom of the back piece until it comes off. Insert the provided AA batteries.

At this time, you can also choose to turn the blue led light on or off during recording. This button is found next to the battery on the right as the case is open. Select this option now. Keep in mind that a blue LED might be a good enough deterrent to stop someone from doing something stupid but it will also wear down your batteries faster as well.

Next you will need to either write down your serial number and close the case or leave the back off until the you insert the serial into the app on your device.

Follow the prompts on the app to setup your camera. Once the camera has been joined to your WiFi network, you will be prompted to install it to the desired location and take a screenshot by clicking the camera icon. (I found this irritating as I would have liked to do this later (which you can!), instead of installing one camera at a time).

Once your cameras are installed and on your network, you can start watching small clips of live feed and arm or disarm your security system.

During the first night (with the system armed) one camera started sending alerts every minute saying that it was detecting motion when there was no motion visible in the clips. I was able to lower the motion sensitivity or disable the motion sensing on just this camera which resolved the issue for me. I am hoping that it might have just been a bug fling in the area that was catching the sensor.


Blink XT Security Cameras


Philips screwdriver

Cameras we use:

Canon Powershot G7X Mark ii

DJI Mavic Air Nikon D3300 GoPro Forestfish video sunglasses

As always, I hope that our videos and articles can help you finish your DIY project. Subscribe to your YouTube channel and follow us here! Have a great DIY day!

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