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Make Your Old Home More of a New Home With These Easy Decorating Tips

by Luke Murry from

If you’ve lived in the same space for too long, the original sparkle of the place may have worn off. The good news is that there are things you can do to make the old seem new, whether you want to feel like you’ve moved into a new place, or whether you’re thinking of taking a bigger step, and selling it for something else out there.

Hopefully, you won’t need to tackle everything on this impressive list of home improvements. Even with budget limitations, there are ways to reinvigorate the space to make it more your own. Check out these easy decorating tips (brought to you courtesy of DIY with Chris) that are perfect for properties not quite at their potential.

Create a More Relaxing Space With Comfy Furniture and Throw Pillows

You can start by focusing your changes on making your apartment or rental home more cozy and comfy. Choose plenty of lush, comfortable furniture for your living room and seating area to make it feel more like a welcoming atmosphere. Accessorize your furniture with a soft sofa blanket and lots of throw pillows to make the space more relaxing. Choose a soothing color palette and accessories with soft textures.

Designate some Décor

If you plan on entertaining your friends and family in your space more often, adding some minor decorative touches can go a long way to changing the feel of a room. For example, you can add a new rug to the floor, hang some pieces of artwork on the walls, and even add some iridescent Ammolite to a side table to draw the eyes of your guests.

Design a Home Office Area

If you work from home, turn a space into a convenient home office. Create a distinct work area away from distractions so you can focus on professional tasks and stay organized. If you have an unfinished basement that you’re not using for anything specific, consider giving that space some TLC and transforming it into a relaxing, productive workspace. Make sure you budget accordingly for your renovation; the price can easily increase depending on the size of the space and the materials you’ve selected.

Turn a Kid’s Room Into the Ultimate Fun Zone

The next room to update is your kid’s bedroom. You can transform your child’s boring bedroom into a space that inspires the imagination with just a few simple changes. Consider getting a loft bed for your little one to maximize the play area. Hang a chalkboard wall and swap out the light fixtures for something more whimsical. Create a convenient storage system for toys and art supplies to keep things neat.

Get Your Home Ready for Guests With Small Updates

Your rehabbed home can be the perfect setting for your next big party or holiday gathering. Make your entryway more inviting with a brighter light fixture and a spot to hang coats. Have plenty of seating available for guests throughout your space. Spruce up your powder room with lush hand towels, scented soaps, and sophisticated accessories.

Turn Your Bedroom Into the Ultimate Sanctuary

Next, focus your attention on upgrading your master bedroom. Convert this blank space into a warm sanctuary with a few easy additions. Change up your bed’s headboard with something more vibrant and add luxury bedding and pillows. Hang a dreamy canopy from the ceiling over the bed and swap out the light fixture for a beautiful chandelier for a chic makeover.

There are many ways you can refurbish a home without it turning into a major project. These simple decor ideas could help you and your family enjoy your home more and get the most out of each room.

This article was brought to you by DIY with Chris, where we share the experience of saving thousands of dollars by performing DIY home projects around the house so you can enjoy the same savings. For more information, visit us today!

Photo by Vecislavas Popa via Pexels

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